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Ken Camarata
While working on my Master of Architecture thesis I was introduced to an exciting area of research that blends computation and the built environment. Inspired to explore it further, I began to read about tangible and ubiquitous computing. Soon my architecture thesis took a twist and I was designing and building a tangible user interface. The thesis for my professional Master of Architecture degree became Navigational Blocks, a tangible query interface. Since then, my interest in embedded computation and human-computer interaction (HCI) has steadily grown.
Ken Camarata

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TeleTables and Window Seat: Bilocative Furniture Interfaces - pdf
Yeonjoo Oh, Ken Camarata, Michael Philetus Weller, Mark D Gross, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Ubiquitous Computing: Design, Implementation and Usability Chpater 11, Information Science Reference, pp. 160 - 171,

CoDe Lab open house: individual posters 2006 - pdf
Eric Schweikardt
Tsung-Hsien Wang
Sherif Morad Abdelmohsen
Michael Weller, Ken Camarata,Yu-Chang Hu, Bridget Lewis, Kursat Ozenc
Yu-Chang Hu
Shaun Moon
Individual Poster3 march 07

A Computationally Enhanced Play Board For Group Interaction - pdf
Orit Shaer, Babak Ziraknejad, Ken Camarata, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D Gross
Pervasive 2004 (Vienna) a Hot-Spot paper

WINDOW SEAT: Visual Experience with an Interactive Chair - pdf
Yeonjoo Oh, Doo Young Kwon, Babak Ziraknejad, Ken Camarata, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
CoDe Lab Working Paper

Interdisciplinary Programs: Integrating Different Perspectives and Ways of Thinking into Undergraduate Education - pdf
Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Ken Camarata
Second National Conference: Integrating Research into Undergraduate Education: The Value Added

A Physical Computing Studio: Exploring Computational Artifacts and Environments - pdf
Ken Camarata, Mark D Gross, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) volume 1 no 2:169-190

Window Seat: Interactive Chairware for Experiencing Virtual Spaces - pdf
Yeonjoo Oh, Doo Young Kwon, Babak Ziraknejad, Jennifer Lewis, Ken Camarata, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D Gross
CAAD Futures Tainan, Taiwan

HandyBoard MX Documentation - pdf
Leigh Rosser
Ken Camarata
Working Memo

Navigational Blocks: Tangible Navigation of Digital Information - pdf
Ken Camarata, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D Gross, Brian R Johnson
ACM Conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI)

Navigational Blocks (an interplay between the physical and the virtual) - pdf
Ken Camarata
M.Arch thesis, University of Washington, Dept of Architecture