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Laser Space

Laser Space

(past projects)

This project is from the winter '02 physical computing course.

Working from the idea that computation can create a space that is transformable, this group has designed and built an occupiable space that is defined by lasers.

Streaming Video is located at /dmgvideo/html/lasersp.html
Laser Space
    researchers: Richard Lotz, Thane Champie, Andrew Kwong, Leigh Rosser, Ken Camarata

last updated 8.24.2006 by Mark D Gross

A Physical Computing Studio: Exploring Computational Artifacts and Environments - pdf
Ken Camarata, Mark D Gross, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) volume 1 no 2:169-190

Computationally-Enhanced Construction Kits for Children: Prototype and Principles - pdf
Michael Eisenberg, Ann Eisenberg, Mark D Gross, Khomkrit Kaowthumrong, Nathaniel Lee, and Will Lovett
International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Seattle WA pp 79-85