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Navigational Blocks
The Navigational Blocks are a tangible interface for an information kiosk that supports multiple levels of interaction.

This video was put together in support of the presentation for CHI 2002.

Other tangible or physical projects that may be of interest are the Laser Space, Memory Box, Interactive Book, and the Physical Computing Bibliography.
Navigational Blocks
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    projects: Navigational Blocks

last updated 8.26.2006 by Mark D Gross

ITR proposal: Computationally Enhanced Construction Kits and Craft - pdf
Mark D Gross, Michael Eisenberg
Proposal to the National Science Foundation

Navigational Blocks: Tangible Navigation of Digital Information - pdf
Ken Camarata, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D Gross, Brian R Johnson
ACM Conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI)

Computationally-Enhanced Construction Kits for Children: Prototype and Principles - pdf
Michael Eisenberg, Ann Eisenberg, Mark D Gross, Khomkrit Kaowthumrong, Nathaniel Lee, and Will Lovett
International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Seattle WA pp 79-85

Navigational Blocks (an interplay between the physical and the virtual) - pdf
Ken Camarata
M.Arch thesis, University of Washington, Dept of Architecture