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Intuitive Digital Design: sketch, gesture and tangible interfaces
Intuitive Digital Design: sketch, gesture, and tangible interfaces

Talk given Monday, Nov 4, 100 Willamette, University of Oregon, Eugene.

Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 12:06 PM -0700
From: Nancy Cheng <>
To: AAA Faculty and Staff
Office Receptionist <>
Subject: Digital Design talk Mon Nov 4, 100 Willamette

INTUITIVE DIGITAL DESIGN: sketch, gesture and tangible

See how tomorrow's designers will solve problems:
come to Professor Ellen Yi-Luen Do's talk about sketch-based,
gesture-based computing and tangible interfaces. On Monday Nov. 4 at 5:15
in 100 Willamette Hall, she will demonstrate how sketching, gesturing and
moving objects can make digital design natural and intuitive. At the
University of Washington, Professor Do co-directs Design Machine Group in
devising software tools and interfaces that enhance design perceptions.

She is a leader in design computing because she quickly sees how the
latest technology can enhance design thinking and cobbles together
proof-of-concept software. Most recently her group has been looking at
how physical objects and hand gestures can be design tools with the
enhancement of electronic sensors. A 2001 project makes it possible to
shape a virtual hillside by making sculpting motions. Digital clay
creates 3D models by parsing and rectifying axonometric sketches. See

Professor Do's research on the "Right Tool at the Right Time" evolved
out of her own experiences as an architect and artist in Taiwan and
graduate work at Harvard and Georgia Tech. In 1995-97, she
developed the Electronic Cocktail Napkin with Mark Gross, a program
that retrieves previous sketches and annotated database entries
through mark recognition of personal sketch symbols. Because she believes
sketching is a natural part of design, in 2001 she created GIDA, a 3D
modeling system that uses sketching to create, edit, instantiate symbols
and annotate models.

In the UW Architecture Department, Prof. Do teaches collaborative
architectural design studios that involve community members and
cross-disciplinary partners. She is also active in bringing cutting
edge architects to Seattle through the Space City art and design forum.
Intuitive Digital Design: sketch, gesture and tangible interfaces

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