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Space Pen

Space Pen

(past projects)

Space Pen investigates the possibilities of editing 3D geometry by simply drawing on any surface you want to modify. Currently, the system enables users to draw on any surface or click to leave a comment. Space Pen can also recognize some simple shapes (like circles, rectangles, triangles or arrows) drawn in space. The project is implemented in Java 3D.

Check out the sister project Redliner.
Space Pen
    researchers: Thomas Jung

last updated 8.28.2006 by Mark D Gross

As if You Were Here - Intelligent Annotation in Space: Sketching as an Interface to Knowledge-Based Design Systems - pdf
Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D Gross
AAAI Fall Symposium - Making Pen-Based Interaction Intelligent and Natural AAAI Press, FS-04-06:pp 55-57

Light Pen -- sketching light in 3D - pdf
Thomas Jung, Mark D Gross, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Proceedings of CAAD Futures Tainan, Taiwan

Sketching Annotations in a 3D Web Environment - pdf
Thomas Jung, Mark D Gross, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
ACM Conference on Computer Human Interface

Annotating and Sketching on 3D Web models - pdf
Thomas Jung, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D Gross
ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces