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Memory Box
The Memory Box project is the result of the first Physical Computing Course in the fall of 2001. Composed of two input devices and a large plywood xy plotter, the "memorybox" records your interactions with the objects by drawing on a canvas with a marker. This results in a recording or memory of your interaction with the input devices. The input devices are a tubular maze and the soft and squishy. The tubular maze contains a series of tilt sensors and as you rotate and tilt the object in order to complete the maze that is on its surface, you are also sending data to the xy plotter which results in a drawing. The soft and squishy is made of poly vinyl hot melt and filled with bend and pressure sensors. Squeezing and bending it also results in a memory in the form of a drawing on the xy plotter.

Things to notice in the video: Note the shift of direction in the canvas and/or the pulleys driving the canvas as people play with the tubular maze.

Other presentations that may be of interest are the Physical Computing Bibliography,the Interactive Book, and the Laser Space.
Memory Box
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