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Laser Space
The laser space is one of the projects from the winter 2002 Physical Computing Course. It consists of a conical inhabitable space that is created by a laser reflecting off of a spinning mirror. It also has a secondary laser that you manipulate via a potentiometer joystick that the group built for the project.

Things to watch for in the video: The door to the laser space opening and closing. The close-up of the second laser in action during the "meet the wizard" half of the video. The "oily" texture that floats through the laser light is the result of the fog machine that was being used to make the laser into a visible cone.

Other presentations thay may be of interest are the Memory Box, the Interactive Book, and the Physical Computing Bibliography.
Laser Space
    authors: Richard Lotz
    Thane Champie
    Andrew Kwong
    Leigh Rosser
    Ken Camarata

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