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Gabe Johnson
Computational design tools should augment people's ability to create. Unfortunately, most modern design tools force people to think in certain ways, or guide people into making decisions simply because of the way the tool is built. My work centrally involves making design tools from a human-centered perspective. The person should use the tool, rather than the tool using the person.

I received my BS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 2002 and joined Carnegie Mellon's Computational Design PhD program in 2005.

<!-- In 2009, I will take over the world through a clever scheme involving large spinning mirrors in orbit, and if possible, dinosaurs -->
Gabe Johnson
    phone: 514.677.2048
    I'm currently in absentia from the PhD program, living in Montreal. Still hacking away, though! When I am in the US my phone number is 720-934-0491.

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Computational Support for Sketching in Design: A Review - pdf
Gabe Johnson, Mark D Gross, Jason Hong, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Foundations and Trends in HCI volume 2, number 1

FlatCAD: kits by code (poster) - pdf
Gabe Johnson
Mark D Gross
2007 Advisory Board

CoDe Lab open house: individual posters 2006 - pdf
Yingdan Huang
Tajin Biswas
Gabe Johnson
Sora Key
Tony Sheng-Kai Tang
Individual Poster2

Drift Room Report - pdf
Tajin Biswas
Gabe Johnson
Chang Zhang
Class project report for Architectural Robotics

The Designosaur and the Furniture Factory: simple software for fast fabrication - pdf
Yeonjoo Oh, Gabe Johnson, Mark D Gross, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition (DCC 2006) Eindhoven, Netherlands, pp123 - 140