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Sketch-to-fabrication: Furniture Factory and Designosaur (HCII Poster)
    HCII 12th Anniversary Celebration Poster 2006
    Designers sketch to visualize and think about three-dimensional form. Rapid prototyping machines (laser cutters and 3D printers) enable designers to build physical models of 3D designs. Three-dimensional model making and design engages children, presenting them with various kinds of learning opportunities. Domain-oriented sketch-to-fabrication software makes it easy for designers to quickly make 3-D models by sketching. Furniture Factory enables designers to model tables, chairs, sofas, and bookshelves by sketching axonometric drawings. The program helps them select and detail appropriate joints between the furniture parts, and outputs a file ready for the laser cutter. The Designosaur program enables a designer to make physical skeleton models of dinosaurs by sketching and assembling 2-D bone models.