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Hoda Moustapha
Hoda Moustapha completed her PhD in Computational design. Her dissertation "Architectural Explorations: A Formal Representation for Generation and Transformation of Design Geometry", is about Computational framework for Design Exploration.

The framework, named ICE (Interactive Configuration Exploration) consists of (i)a formal notation for describing geometrical configurations by means of generative and relational structures and (ii) a 3D modeling system for exploring geometrical configurations transforming their structure.

Hoda is now working in the Computer Science Department on Project Olympus with Prof Lenore Blum.

Hoda worked in the Institute of Complex Engineering Systems on the co-construction project with Professor Susan Finger.

Miscellanous background information:

Hoda speaks three languages: English, French and Arabic.

Hoda won the "Best Presentation Award" and "Best Paper Award" at the GCAD'04 symposium, where she presented the ICE notation and system.

Hoda is also an accomplished calligrapher and the winner of the 2004 Akram Midani award for international understanding. She several exhibitions, including one at the Carnegie Mellon University Center's Art Gallery.

Hoda has worked in Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics as a research assistant, where She developed a suite of online questionnaires for analyzing workplace productivity, and a GIS based application that to map and interact with building performance data directly on floor plans.

Hoda also worked as a webmaster for several years.
Hoda Moustapha

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