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Tangible Notes

Tangible Notes

(past projects)

Tangible Notes is an interactive music toy designed for preschool children to explore musical scales and notes. As children place or move the musical notes around the playing board, Tangible Notes plays the resulting tune. It encourages children to learn rhythm and melody through physical movement.

Tangible Notes transfers notes placed on a staff into an interactive perfomance. By direct and haptic manipulation, children can learn positions of notes, hear them and create their own melodies from sequences of music notes.
Tangible Notes
    sponsor: PITA

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CoDe Lab open house: individual posters 2006 - pdf
Eric Schweikardt
Tsung-Hsien Wang
Sherif Morad Abdelmohsen
Michael Weller, Ken Camarata,Yu-Chang Hu, Bridget Lewis, Kursat Ozenc
Yu-Chang Hu
Shaun Moon
Individual Poster3 march 07