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Ulrich Flemming
Emeritus Professor Flemming's research is motivated by the emergence of computers as tool and medium for design. His work on space planning has expanded into areas other than building design. In this and parallel work with shape grammars, he has given particular attention to formal grammars and formal design representations appropriate for their use. He has developed knowledge-based approaches to capture design knowledge and to integrate it into generative design systems. Issues in case-based design, design interfaces; human-computer interaction; design databses and application integration have recently become a focus of attention. From 1992-2001 Professor Flemming led the SEED project.
Ulrich Flemming

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Information Navigation in Generative Design Systems - pdf
Sheng-Fen Chien, Ulrich Flemming
CAADRIA '97: Proceedings of The Second Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia,