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Information Navigation in Generative Design Systems
    CAADRIA '97: Proceedings of The Second Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, 1997
    Generative design systems take an active part in the generation of computational design models. They make it easier for designers to explore conceptual alternatives, but the amount of information generated during a design session can become very large. Intelligent navigation aids are needed to enable designers to access the information with ease and low cognitive loads. We present an approach to support navigation in generative design systems. Our approach takes account of studies related to navigation in physical environments as well as information navigation in electronic media. Results of studies from the physical environment
    and electronic media reveal that 1) people exhibit similar cognitive behaviors (spatial cognition and the use of spatial knowledge) while navigating in physical and information spaces; and 2) the information space lacks legibility and imageability. The proposed information navigation model takes these findings into account.
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