Computational Design Laboratory

Fall 2020 MSCD Pre-thesis II Final Review

Site, Object, Technique

Through readings, discussions, written assignments, and oral presentations the MSCD Pre-thesis II seminar cultivates the skills to identify a thesis research question, situate it within a wider scholarly conversation, state its relevance to the field, and clearly formulate its methods and key proposition. We will consider different approaches to method and end with a thesis proposal and presentation open to all CD faculty and students, as well as to students’ advisory committees and guest critics. In the Fall of 2020 we will emphasize two themes: a) Reflexive practices of academic inclusion —e.g. politics of citations in regards to intellectual-racial-gender-socioeconomic issues; and b) The discursive and political dimensions of technological systems.


Daragh Byrne; Grisha Coleman; Golan Levin; Jim McCann; Eddy Man Kim; Lawrence Shea; Kyuha Shim; Kiryiaki Goti; Red Wittaker; Molly Wright Steenson; Lining Yao.

Invited Critics

Dina El-Zanfaly, School of Design, CMU; Kyriaki Goti, School of Architecture, CMU

Instructor/Track Chair

Daniel Cardoso Llach (


Yuning Wu (


Author: Katherine Giesa
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