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Master of Science in Computational Design

The Master of Science in Computational Design (MSCD) is a four-semester research-based program that gives students the tools to explore new design opportunities and critical perspectives at the intersection of design and computation. Ranging from the applied to the speculative and critical, students in the program explore subjects such as architectural robotics, artificial intelligence, simulation, generative design, responsive environments, shape grammars as well as embodied forms of interaction, fabrication and expression.

A research program, the MSCD sees computation not only as a vehicle of design exploration in architecture and other creative fields, but also as a worthy subject of scholarly analysis. The program is well suited to highly inquisitive applicants who are interested in challenging disciplinary boundaries, develop a unique research agenda and acquire the conceptual and technical skills to conduct computational design research at the highest levels of scholarly rigor and creativity.

The program welcomes applications from both research and practice-oriented candidates with backgrounds in areas such as architecture, media arts, engineering, computer science and planning.

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Ph.D. in Computational Design

The Ph.D. in Computational Design offers the opportunity to pursue deeper research projects at the intersection of design and computation. Please refer to this page for details about the admission process.

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