Computational Design Laboratory

Computational Design Lecture Series, Spring ’21

The Spring 2021 Computational Design Lecture Series at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture explores relationships, and tensions, between artificial intelligence (AI) and design. Speakers from both academia and industry will discuss different approaches to using AI methods, and particularly machine learning techniques, in creative contexts. With these lectures, we aim at clarifying how approaches to “context” (i.e., sites, materials, tools, and people) in AI align or contrast with those in architecture, art, and design.

This Spring’s CD lecture series is supported by the School of Architecture and the Steiner Visitor Invitation Grants by the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. This series is curated and organized by Ardavan Bidgoli ( in consultation with Prof. Daniel Cardoso Llach.


Cristobal Valenzuela, Creative AI with Runway (Lecture recording, AaVX.M5T)

Dr. Hui Li, Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Assembly of Timber Joints: (Lecture recording, +3K.ScH#)

Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink, Using Data & Machine Learning to Support Human Creativity (Lecture recording, h#Vn*8k0)

Dr. Marwan Mattar, Machine Learning for Game Design (Lecture recording,  N3bp%s^r )

Author: Ardavan Bidgoli
Category: News, Projects