Computational Design Laboratory

2021-2022 Visiting Scholars

CodeLab welcomes Jordan Geiger, Noreen Saeed as visiting scholars for the 2021-22 academic year.

Jordan Geiger

Jordan Geiger is an architect, writer and educator whose work relates architecture to new social and environmental implications of human computer interaction. His design research and practice investigate globalization’s design problems at many scales, through outcomes from buildings, objects, and landscapes proposals to written and graphic analyses and technological investigations. Geiger is editor of the book Entr’acte: Performing Publics, Pervasive Media and Architecture and has also published essays and projects in Leonardo, The Avery Review, ARCH+ and other journals. He has presented and exhibited his work at ZeroOne, SIGGRAPH, WUHO Gallery, Studio-X, MediaCities and other venues. Geiger has also conducted workshops (Venice Architecture Biennial) and chaired or co-chaired conferences and symposia (MediaCities, MoneyLab). Since 2018, Geiger is partner with Omar Khan in Gekh. Gekh is a design studio working where the built environment, culture and media intersect. Its current projects range from master planning to media-enabled interiors for cultural organizations, private clients, and community groups. 
Geiger has taught architecture, urban design, and advanced interdisciplinary studios and seminars at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, UC Berkeley, California College of the Arts, Syracuse University, and University at Buffalo. Geiger holds a Master of Architecture from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley.
As Visiting Scholar in Computational Design (2021-2022) at the CMU School of Architecture, Geiger continues his research in “Collateral Architecture.” This project investigates forms of speculation as architecture is composed under the forces of new building technologies and new sensing technologies, but also of changing finance and new programs in the built environment. The project studies new sites, new construction methods, new media, and new kinds of use. In conjunction with this research, Geiger is teaching seminars on this and related topics during the year.

Noreen Saeed

Noreen Saeed is a Visiting Scholar at the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture. She completed her PhD in Computational Design at the SoA in Dec 2020 and M.Sc in Renewable Energy and Architecture from the University of Nottingham in 2011. Noreen specializes in accurate measurements of material physical properties. Her current work is related to the appraisal of energy efficiency in buildings. Her main focus is on material properties, how they interrelate, and how these relationships can be exploited computationally to evaluate the building fabric.
As a Visiting Scholar at the School of Architecture, she is conducting research experiments that build upon her Doctoral thesis. She will be continuing her exploration of construction materials’ thermal and dielectric properties with an emphasis on measurement in the low frequency (LF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) range. She is working to maintain and refresh the CodeLab. She will be contributing to the definition and implementation of the CodeLab’s strategic plan this semester. Being a CodeLab alumni, she draws from her own experiences and will be providing guidance and mentorship to the current MS and PhD CD students with their thesis work. She is also serving on various committees at the School of Architecture to facilitate incoming and current students.

Author: Stella Shen
Category: News