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Smart Objects

Smart Objects

(past projects)

In Smart Objects, design intentions of an architectural problem are embedded as constraints into the modeled objects that compose a formal solution. As a designer meets or violates constraints, objects behave in a manner that reflects the requirements of the problem and intentions of the designer.
Smart Objects

last updated 8.24.2006 by Mark D Gross

Smart Objects: Constraints and Behaviors in a Three-Dimensional Design Environment - pdf
Dustin Eggink
M.Arch thesis University of Washington, Dept of Architecture

Smart Objects: Constraints and Behaviors in a 3D Design Environment - pdf
Dustin Eggink, Mark D Gross, Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design

Elements that Follow Your Rules: Constraint Based CAD layout - pdf
Mark D Gross
Proceedings of Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) 96 Tuscon, AZ, pp. 115-122

Stretch-A-Sketch, a dynamic diagrammer - pdf
Mark D Gross
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Relational Modeling - pdf
Mark D Gross
Digital Design Studio (CAAD Futures '89) ed McCullough, Mitchell, Purcell

Design as Exploring Constraints - pdf
Mark D Gross
Ph.D. dissertation Massachusetts Institute of Technology