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Ji-Hyun Lee
Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon, 2002
Dissertation Title: Integrating housing design and case-based reasoning

Ji-Hyun Lee is an Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Culture Technology at Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST). She is also participating professor of KI for Entertainment Engineering. Before joining KAIST, she was an Assistant Professor of the Department of Digital Media Design and Graduate School of Computational Design at National Yunlin University of Science & Technology (NYUST) from 2002-2007. She received her Ph.D. from the School of Architecture (Computational Design) at Carnegie Mellon University in 2002 and received her M.S. and B.S. from the Department of Housing & Interior Design at Yonsei University in 1993 and 1991, respectively. Her research interests are the agent-based design systems, computer-supported collaborative design, creative design, evolutionary systems in design, formal models of design process, representation and reasoning in design and visualization for design information.
Ji-Hyun Lee
    phone: +82 (42).869.2919
    fax: +82 (42.869-.2910
    Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST

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Integrating housing design and case-based reasoning - pdf
Ji-Hyun Lee
Carnegie Mellon Ph.D. Dissertation 226 pages, 2.5 MB