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Tangible Interaction and Rapid Prototyping in, for, and about Design
    Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Mark D Gross, Bert Bongers, Jill Coffin, Alan Dix, George Doyle, Steven Garner, Masitah Ghazali, Johann Habakuk Israel, Fred Martin, Ali Mazalek, Martin Meo, Gareth Paterson, ShengFeng Qin, Janet Read, David K Wright
    Workshop Position Papers, Design Computing and Cognition '06 2006
    Workshop aim: Following decades in which design computation was almost exclusively the domain of software, today many investigators are building hybrid systems and tools that, in one way or another, bridge the divide between physical "real world" artifacts and computational artifacts. On one hand the rapid rise and popularity of mass-customization, rapid prototyping and manufacturing raises questions about the kinds of software systems and tools that might make these hardware technologies useful in designing. On the other hand, advances in microcontroller and communications technologies has led to a wave of embedding computation in physical artifacts and environments - that is, tangible interaction.

    The "Let's Get Physical" workshop calls for position papers that populate in this space of hybrid computational-physical systems, particularly in relation to design. Topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:

    1. systems, methods, and tools for rapid prototyping and manufacturing in design
    2. tangible interaction with design software
    3. design methods for tangible interactivity
    4. toolkits for tangible interaction design