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The Right Tool at the Right Time: An Investigation of Freehand Drawing as an Interface to Knowledge based Design Systems
    ACADIA 'Design Computation: Collaboration, Reasoning, Pedagogy', proceedings of Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA 1996), University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ, USA pp191-199 1996
    Designers use different symbols and diagrams in their drawings to explore alternatives and to communicate with each other. Therefore, a useful design environment should attempt to infer the designer's intentions from the drawing and, based on this inference, suggest appropriate computational tools for the task at hand. For example, a layout bubble diagram might activate design cases with similar configurations. Scribbles of view lines on a floor plan might bring up a spatial analysis tool. This research aims to develop an integrated digital sketching environment to support early design activities. The paper proposes RT2, an intelligent sketch environment that provides the designers with the right tools at the right time.