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interdisciplinary research studio
A presentation/talk given as HCI Seminar, for the Computer Laboratory of Cambridge University, Friday 18 July, The "Rainbow Room", FS07 William Gates building. Hosted by Alan Blackwell

Design and Human-Computer Interaction are crucial components of information technologies in daily life and color our experience of computation and communication. Design Machine Group at the University of Washington is a collaborative research studio aimed at fostering and developing ideas that will shape the future of design and information technology. A group of passionate faculty, staff and students investigate aspects of theory and method of design and human-computer interaction, cognitive science, ethnographic, and anthropological studies of design/HCI, usability, ubiquitous/pervasive/etc. computing environments.

The research projects at the Design Machine Group include
(1) Design Tools such as perceptual interfaces with embedded
knowledge, (2) Collaboration, Communication involving
coordination and constraints, and (3) Computationally Enhanced Environments such as physical computing and responsive environments. Research projects at DMG have been published at international conferences such as CHI, UIST, IUI, CAAD Futures, AI in Design, Computers & Graphics.

Travel instructions showing how to reach the Gates building are at:
interdisciplinary research studio

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