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Robert Francis Coyne
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon 1991

Dissertation Title: ABLOOS: An Evoloving Hierarchical Design Framework

TopQuadrant, Executive Partner

Dr. Coyne joined TopQuadrant to complement its offerings and mission to provide better and faster ways to determine requirements and build solutions for next generation e-business systems. With extensive experience in business, consulting, academia and research, he deeply appreciates that design and development are primarily about people - that success depends on achieving shared understanding and communication through collaborative envisioning and modeling. Working in design and IT since 1984, he brings expertise in diverse areas including business development, product design, business system architectures, software engineering, collaboration, knowledge management, consulting, mentoring, teaching and training.

Most recently (1998-2002), Dr. Coyne was Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Solution Technology International, Inc. (STI). He co-designed and orchestrated implementation of a complete, web-based business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) enterprise software platform for the insurance industry. As a founding staff member of STI, he performed multiple executive entrepreneurial roles including co-authoring business plans, developing offerings, pricing and licensing models and presenting to investors.

In 1995, he was recruited to join IBM's elite Object Technology Practice (Global Services) where he was co-architect (with Ralph Hodgson) and major content contributor to IBM's object-oriented methodology for client engagements. In April 1997, IBM's Global Services Certification Board awarded him the status of 'Certified Consultant'. Between 1996-98, Dr. Coyne launched IBM's worldwide Object Technology Competency Network, with over 250 members worldwide, and served as its leader for 18 months. He also served as a knowledge management /collaboration expert for IBM's Intellectual Capital Management support group.

Dr. Coyne received Ph.D. (1991) and MS (1986) degrees in Computer-Aided Design while working as a Research Associate and a Lecturer at CMU. He holds a BA in Sociology from Princeton University. He has authored over 25 technical papers, journal articles and book chapters, such as Teaching Model Based Software Engineering, Object Magazine, November 1995.
Robert Francis Coyne

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ABLOOS: An Evoloving Hierarchical Design Framework - pdf
Robert Francis Coyne
Carnegie Mellon University PhD Dissertation