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ArchiDNA: A Generative System for Shape Configuratons
    Doo Young Kwon
    Master of Science in Architecture 2003
    This thesis concerns a new generation process for shape configurations using a set of operations. The approach derives from analyzing a particular design style and programming them into a computer. It discusses how generative CAD software can be developed that embodies a style and how this software can serve in the architectural design process as a computational design tool.

    The thesis proposes a prototype software system, ArchiDNA, to demonstrate the use of operations to generate drawings in a specific design style. ArchiDNA employs a set of operations to produce design drawings of shape configuration in Peter Eisenman's style for the Biocentrum building plan in Frankfurt, Germany. The principles of form generation are defined as a set of operations. ArchiDNA generates 2D and 3D drawings similar to Eisenmans plan and model for the Biocentrum building.

    The extension system of ArchiDNA, called ArchiDNA++, supports designers in defining operations and generating shape configurations. Designers can enter and edit their own shapes for the generation process and also control the parameters and attributes for shape operations. Thus, designers can manage the generation process and explore using ArchiDNA++, to generate shape configurations that are consistent with their own drawing style.