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Thesis Proposal: Development Simulator: A Tool for Architects and Urban Designers
    Doddy Samiaji
    M.arch Thesis Proposal 2000
    Design is not always about aesthetic values anymore, but rather the orchestra of how the buildings and environments fit into the city fabric, how they achieve goals in terms of
    city regulations, and how the numbers work to fulfill the developments of the project.

    Architects and urban designers are in the side that should satisfy these whole aspects - so not only the buildings are beautiful in the drawing plans or in the computer screen, but also they are feasible to be built and developed.

    In designing a building or environment, some variables existed. These variables can be a fixed number or conditions, i.e. city regulations, parking standard, footprint for typology of uses and urban design guidelines; some numbers or aspects can be modified according to design i.e. building height, setback, composition of uses, architectural articulations etc. Combining these values will give some directions of how the envelope or the massing of the buildings will be. These measurable criteria are important and should be accounted at early stage of design.