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James Kuo
James graduated from the master of science program in computational design at Carnegie Mellon in 1999, after completing the B.Arch program. He was last sighted working at Ernst and Young:

"My name is James Kuo. I work at Ernst & Young. I do software development and computerations. Pretty serious stuff. [laughs] I'm based in New York but I've been traveling for the past two years.

You also came from the Architecture program of Carnegie Mellon, right?

Yes. I also did the Masters program for Computational Design. I was there for a good six or seven years! [laughs]

Do you also design?

Design is actually my first love. I have some freelance work and it's hard to keep up but I like doing it. There was a reason for the software development. I love art, and to me, design is like a professional application for art. When I graduated, I had a hard time putting the two things together. You do these comps for artistic statements and yet you design for a message that isn't yours. I know a lot of commercial designers out there who are able to do that and are able to say, I will provide that vehicle for that message."
James Kuo

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