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Suresh K. Bhavnani
Carnegie Mellon, Ph.D. 1998

Dissertation TItle: How architects draw with computers : a cognitive analysis of real-world cad interactions

Suresh Bhavnani is an assistant professor in the School of Information. He holds an interdisciplinary doctorate in computational design from the Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts and human-computer interaction from the CMU School of Computer Science. Prior to his doctoral work, he was product manager at Intergraph Corp., where he developed interactive knowledge-based systems for CAD applications.

Bhavnani's research focuses on the strategic use of complex computer systems with applications to training and to design. While a post-doctoral fellow at the HCI institute at CMU, he developed a framework to teach students general and efficient strategies to use computer applications.
Suresh K. Bhavnani

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