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A Prefabricated Framing and Enclosure System: Economy, Flexibility, and Applications
    John Hilgeman
    University of Washington, Department of Architecture 2004
    In the realm of construction types there are two very polar conditions. One
    condition is that of complete customization, where every material, space, and
    connection are designed specifically for the structure at hand. The opposing
    condition is that of complete standardization where every material, space, and
    connection are literally or conceptually prefabricated and designed without regard
    to any particular project or site need.

    I have developed a system which is intended to find a balance between these
    opposing conditions. In order to do this (allowing certain elements of the system to be custom, others to remain flexible, and others to be standardized) I had to make decisions regarding the nature of different building components and the groups to which they belong. Some parts could be completely standardized while others could be left custom in order to accommodate the tastes and preferences of different users.