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asdmCon: advanced sensor-based defect management at construction sites
    Burcu Akinci, Jim Garrett, Mark Patton, Ramesh Krishnamurti, Martial H. Hebert, Scott M. Thayer, Frank Boukamp, Christopher Brian Gordon, Vincent A. Collins III, Kuhn Park, Kui Yue, Bob Wang,DeWitt T. Latimer IV, Nicolas Van Dapel, Sameer G. Khadkatkar, Ed Latimer
    Frequent and accurate assessment of the status of work-in-place, identifying critical spatio-temporal and quality related deviations, and predicting the impacts of these deviations during a construction project are necessary for active project control and for developing an accurate project history. Recent advances in generating 3D environments using laser scanning technologies, and collecting quality information about built environments using embedded and other advanced sensors, create an opportunity to explore the feasibility of frequently collecting three-dimensional and quality related as-built data. The current trends in the A/E/C industry for the use of integrated project models have also shown that a semantically rich integrated project database can support various project management and facility management functions. This research project builds on, combines and extends these advances in developing an automated early defect detection system.
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    asdmCon: advanced sensor-based defect management at construction sites