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Poster of Computational Design Program
    Design Computation Program
    Letter-poster 2004
    We’re looking for people who are ready to invent the future of design; and ready to design the future. We look for people who are really good at something, whether it’s design, engineering, 3-D modeling, writing code or writing essays. What’s your specialty? We want people who are open-minded and intellectually curious and willing to share what they know. What you have to offer our community as important as what you have achieved. Our students come from every discipline and from all over the world. We believe that the best work will happen in an interdisciplinary context, so we welcome people from all backgrounds—engineers and artists; musicians and architects; biologists and sociologists; physicists and philosophers. We’re looking for strong thinkers and doers, people who are ready for a challenging and rewarding experience.

    Our Master program is small and highly selective. If you’re just looking to add specific skills to your resume—for example, CAD modeling, animation, or Web design, you should probably look at other schools that offer excellent programs in these areas. The people who will enjoy and benefit most from our program are those who come without preconceptions but with a passion and energy to make things happen. We seek people who recognize that, in the words of Alan Kay, “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”