Computational Design Lab

Cut back

This interactive cutting board responds to the force of you cutting on it. There are force sensors embedded within the cutting board that trigger different sounds depending on where and how you cut across the surface.

The sounds:

The cutting board was programmed to make a few different noises. Originally the sensors were connected to a computer and interfaced with MAX/MSP to play the sound of paper tearing. In the next version, each sensor was programmed control a knob of a synth using the Arduino Auduino project. In the final version, simple tones were programmed through the Arduino software.

The circuit:

Four homemade force sensors were used as analog input to an Arduino Promini. An 8-Ohm speaker was connected a digital output on the Arduino and an LM386 op-amp. The op-amp and the Promini fare powered from a 9 Volt battery.


Author: Deren Guler
Category: Work In Progress