Computational Design Lab


Speaker interactively sculpts wire forms based on sound input. The user stands in front of the device and speaks into a small microphone. The device then begins to push and bend the wire into a simplified sound wave contour based on his/her utterance. Sounds are thus physically ‘encoded’ into the wire, creating a tangible manifestation of an intangible sound.

An Arduino micro-controller is embedded in the device to calculate a simplified contour from the recorded sound wave. Two motors are used to push and bend the metal wire into shape.

The device explores the immediacy of the fabrication process by linking an ephemeral passage of sound to a physical entity. It furthermore acts as a means for the spoken word to be transcribed into an artifact of meaning.

Earrings constructed with the words ‘I love you’.

Speaker is one of our projects that explore interfaces and devices that take real-time input to fabricate physical form. Read more on .

Collaboration with Karl D.D. Willis.
Exhibited in Maker Faire New York. Covered by New Scientist.

Author: Cheng Xu
Category: Projects