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Rebbelib Reconstructed

Rebbelib Reconstructed from Deren Guler on Vimeo.

Rebbelib Reconstructed is a robotic grid based on an ancient stick chart used by Micronesian sailors to show sailing paths. I hope to develop algorithms that abstract tangible and intangible data into analogous shapes that depict complex relationships in a simple tangible object. I would like to be able to represent a range of concepts such as the passage of different traditions throughout time versus the emergence of new technology. Using shapes within a grid could serve as a novel data visualization technique for not only sailors, but for students, designers, and professionals in many other disciplines.

The grid lines can change angle and curve and are controlled by servomotors. This projects aims to create a data visualization method to represent abstract information within the constraints of a grid. Grids are very common in maps. It has been found that they are a very effective way of illustrating concepts such as time, distance, height, and orientation. The shape of an object, i.e. the amount of corners it has, and how curved the sides are, can also be interpreted to convey different relationships.

Circuit Diagram

Here is a link to more info and code


Deren Guler

Project Advisor
Prof. Mark D. Gross

Author: Deren Guler
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