Computational Design Lab

RayMatic – A Thermostat with a Human Face

RayMatic is an interactive picture frame and ambient display that detects changes in the ambient environment (e.g., room temperature). It communicates the information through facial expressions and gestures. For example, if the room is too hot, the person in the frame(Ray) fans himself. RayMatic also interacts directly with users: when the face on screen is tapped, Ray is pushed back and turns away and when the shoulder area is tapped, RayMatic shifts into the setting mode and displays the current temperature and preferred temperature range, so that the user can be adjust it.

RayMatic conveys messages through facial expression and gesture, corresponding to ambient conditions: a. doing nothing (default state), b. smiling (good state), c. fanning himself (hot state), d. shivering and wearing a scarf (cold state), e. being pushed (touch state), and f. setting mode.

Author: Ray Yun
Category: Projects