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Neurospasta is a free-form Kinect game platform for full-body experimentation and play. Participants control their own Kinect-based puppet. They can also select 3 functions (Scale Body, Repel Head, and Switch Head) to control the other player’s avatar.



Concept One of the most amazing thing about the Kinect is how easy and fast it recognize the human body’s skeleton. From the moment we got our Kinect, we started thinking of how to take advantage of it and make a fun project. We knew that puppet control with Kinect is not a new concept, but letting one person manipulate an other one’s avatar is new and interesting. The players will have the choice to interact and fight with their avatar against one another, or just simply explore different ways of manipulating the appearance and/or ability of their avatar. We soon made a list of possible manipulations as well as some sketches make the idea concrete.

Early sketches



We use openFrameworks as the development environment and ofxOpenNI library to track human skeletons.


As a full-body experimentation project, we hope all the operation is based on body language, i.e. no mouse, no keyboard. Calibration – before starting the game, each player has to stand in front of the Kinect with both hands up to tell the computer to recognize him. After being recognized, he can start to control his avatar.Selection – to select a certain function (e.g. Switch), a player puts both hands on the corresponding button. The system will calculate the hands’ position and choose a relative function. Functions


Scale – the scale function lets one player scale the other player’s full body according to his hand’s gesture – if his hands are closer, the other player will become smaller, vice versa.



Repel – the repel function lets one player repel the other player’s head. When his hands approach the other player’s head, the head will fly away from the body.




Switch – the switch function lets one player switch his own head to the other player’s head.





Created by Huaishu Peng | Charles Doomany

Author: Huaishu Peng
Category: Projects