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Jinmo Rhee Receives Two Research Awards

Doctoral student Jinmo Rhee (MSCD ’19, PhD ’23) was awarded two prizes at this year’s Architectural Design Conference hosted by Korea’s Architectural Institute. First, Jinmo’s MSCD thesis “Context-rich Urban Analysis and Generation Using Artificial Intelligence: A Case Study in Pittsburgh, PA” was selected by the Korean Institute of Architects for the special exhibition “Korean Student in the United States Special Exhibition 2019” after winning a juried competition. With a focus on Pittsburgh’s urban fabric, Rhee’s MSCD thesis explores how computational methods may enable a new approach to analyzing a city’s morphology. In developing his thesis, Rhee worked with Professors Cardoso Llach, Byrne, Krishnamurti, Kim, and Steenson.

A computational approach to the study of Pittsburgh’s urban fabric. Image credit: Jinmo Rhee 2019.

Second, Rhee’s research “A Study of Automation of Housing Design Method Using Artificial Intelligence: Optimal Space Exploration with Genetic Algorithm Based on Building Codes” won the Best Paper Prize in the same conference. Rhee developed this work in part during a computational design seminar focusing on generative design taught by doctoral candidate Pedro Veloso (PhD ’20).

A generative system for architectural design. Image credit: Jinmo Rhee.

Author: Yixiao Fu
Category: News