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Interactive Fabrication @ 3D⚡DC

 3D⚡DC Demo

Several members of the Computational Design Lab just got back from participating in 3D⚡DC: 3D Printing Comes to the Nation’s Capital, an event in Washington DC aimed at introducing 3D Printing to policy makers. Event participants included a who’s who of 3D printing industry members, academics, designers, and makers. We were kindly invited to demo a number of works from the Interactive Fabrication project.

Catfish @ 3D⚡DC

Modeling a catfish with Beautiful Modeler!

MakerBot @ 3D⚡DC

MakerBot in action.

Bre Pettis @ 3D⚡DC

Bre Pettis and his 3D printed self.

3D Printed Chair @ 3D⚡DC

A concept scale model chair from MGX by Materialise

3D Printed Chocolate @3D⚡DC
Food Printer @ 3D⚡DC

Hod Lipson told us the real ‘killer app’ for 3D printing will be food. Here Jeffrey Lipton from the Creative Machines Lab shows us a piece of 3D printed chocolate (top) and the printer that created it (bottom).

Concrete Prints @ 3D⚡DC

Ronald Rael works on 3D printing a special type of concrete fiber that is very strong and light.

Mobile FabLab
Inside the Mobile FabLab

We were lucky enough to be given a tour of a mobile FabLab, currently being used in DC before the launch of FabLabDC. Thanks to Phyllis & Alex!

KJ & Cheng at 3D⚡DC

Cheng and Kuan-Ju inside the venue at the Rayburn House on Capital Hill.

Author: Karl D.D. Willis
Category: News