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Help vote for CoDe labber Deren Guler’s project Inventabling!

Deren and her friend Anya are finalists for the Children’s Museum Makeshop wearables grants! That means we need YOUR vote!! There’s only one week to vote – it will only take 2 seconds of your time. Click this link: and vote for INVENT-A-BLING!
If we win, we get 2,000$ to design and assemble wearables kits for young girls (think Klutz kits, with more technical components) to foster an interest in art and engineering.

Invent-a-bling, “invent your own bling”, is a wearable construction kit targeted at children ages 5-15. The majority of electronic/robotic construction kits are marketed for young boys, making it difficult for young girls to get excited about technologies and toys that could have a great impact on their education.  Even if girls might be interested in the contents of these kits, the branding and advertising makes it less likely that a girl will play with it. The Invent-a-bling kit combines smart materials and embedded electronics geared towards wearable crafts, hoping to attract girls to the possibility of incorporating these technologies into their creations.  We hope that this kit will attract children with a wider range of personalities and interests than the products that are currently available.

Author: Deren Guler
Category: News