Computational Design Lab

Experimental Archaeology of CAD exhibition

Join us for the exhibition of this Fall’s Experimental Archaeologies of CAD seminar (48-749) on Monday 10AM at CodeLab. On display will be software reconstructions of historical CAD systems, CAD emulation analyses, and speculative CAD prototypes developed by Emek Erdolu, Julita Przybylska, jinmo Rhee, and Erik Ulberg.  Instructor: Daniel Cardoso Llach.

Course description
Computer-aided design (CAD) systems are artifacts of cultural and technical significance which shape the intellectual labor and professional identities of many architects, engineers, and other designers. This course explores computer-aided design both as a subject of design speculation and scholarly inquiry. Drawing from the history of design technologies, students develop experimental software reconstructions that shed new light into the material, gestural, and sensual dimensions of computational design. By combining speculative software development, historical research, and creative technology prototyping the course enlivens distant and exploratory ways of seeing, touching, drawing, and designing while raising new questions about the impact of CAD technologies on present-day architectural practices. Selected projects from the course will be showcased in an international exhibition in 2020.

Author: Yixiao Fu
Category: News