Computational Design Lab

Daniel Cardoso Llach lectures at Clemson

Associate Professor of Architecture Daniel Cardoso Llach delivered a lecture entitled “Infrastructures of the Imagination” at Clemson University’s Department of Architecture on March 27, 2019. Drawing from his research on the history of CAD systems, and from recent work developed at the Computational Design Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon, Professor Cardoso discussed how architects and designers across fields may engage critically and creatively with computation in design. The lecture was part of a back-to-back event with CMU School of Design’s Associate Professor Molly Wright Steenson, whose lecture focused on the related histories of architecture and AI in the 20th century. The two lectures were followed by a conversation between the two CMU faculty, moderated by Clemson University Professor Winifred Elysse Newman.

Author: Yixiao Fu
Category: News