Computational Design Lab

CD Lecture Series: Violet Whitney

Working in Spatial Technology
Time: Thursday, November 14th, 6:30 PM
Location: Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall A14

The internet’s impact on physical space has given rise to new practices in spatial technology. From interaction design, physical computing, cybernetics, design computation, urban data visualization, and logistics applications, each of these practices harnesses both space and technology.
Urbanists and architects are venturing into these new practices, into companies like WeWork, Airbnb, or small startups working on transit or reservation systems. What is it that makes these practices fundamentally well suited for urbanists and architects? 
Violet will talk about her path into these new practices and why she thinks you venture into them too.

Violet Whitney is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation where she teaches urban data analytics and physical computing. At Sidewalk Labs she leads the Generative Design product at Sidewalk Labs as a Product Manager. There she’s developing tools to facilitate collective decision making with expert and non-experts alike. Prior to joining Sidewalk, Violet created a humanitarian mapping project that geolocates civilian journalist YouTube videos for the Center for Spatial Research; led research and development of interactive and immersive environments at SOFTlab; and developed building cost benefit analysis tools as a LEED Specialist at SmithGroupJJR.
Violet holds a BSD in Architecture from Arizona State University and an MArch from Columbia University. Originally from Los Alamos, New Mexico, she enjoys all things society, technology, and the built environment.

Author: Yixiao Fu
Category: News