Computational Design Laboratory


Ardavan Bidgoli
Ardavan Bidgoli is a computational designer, roboticist, and machine learning researcher.​ He graduated from CMU with a Ph.D. in Computational Design and his research concerns the interfaces that enable ​​designers and creative​ users ​​to interact with ML-based computational design​ ​​and robotic fabrication tools.​ He is the lead instructor of the Introduction to ML in Design and Introduction to Architectural Robotics at CMU School of Architecture. His industry partnerships span​ ​various research and product teams at AEC-Tech companies, including the Generative Components team at Bentley Systems and Autodesk’s OCTO team at Pier9 and BUILD space facilities.

Solomon Bisker

Solomon is a graduate from Master of Tangible Interaction Design program. He currently works at Locu as a UX designer for next-generation online menu experiences.

Eric Brockmeyer
Eric is a graduate architect and was a MTiD student. His work is focused on the integration of computational systems with materials at multiple scales. He now teaches Introduction to Digital Media in the School of Architecture and assists other CoDe lab members..

Ozguc Bertug Capunaman

Ozguc Bertug Capunaman (Oz) is a graduate from Istanbul Bilgi University, where he studied Industrial Design. During his undergraduate education, he developed an interest in digital fabrication, crafts and computation. His graduation project was later published in CAAD Futures 2017 Istanbul conference. In 2016, Oz received Fulbright Master's Grant from the Turkish Fulbright Commission. His current research interests are focused on digital fabrication, computational making and collaborative scenarios bridging those two.

Chengyu Chen

I'm a second-year student pursuing the degree of MS in Computational Design. I'm currently focusing on User Experience Design and Augmented Reality Design.

Yufei Cheng

Yufei Cheng is currently a first-year student in the MSCD program. His former work explores issues of interactive installation, parametric design, 3D printed concrete, and digital fabrication.

Wei Wei Chi

Wei Wei Chi is a Computational Designer and Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University where he is pursuing a Master of Science in Computational Design. His research interest lies on the intersection of Human Cognition, Perception, and Interactive Technology where he explores Sensory Augmentation, Cognitive Augmentation, and Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Dale Clifford
Dale works between fields and is an advocate of collaborative design thinking. The vehicle for his research is prototyping, and includes full-scale demonstration projects to field-test technologies that promote the sensorial integration of the built and natural environments.

Mauricio Contreras

Physical product startup minded Chilean EE, crossing over to the realm of Design.

Wanfang Diao

She is pursuing a Master degree in Tangible Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University. She received her bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering with a minor in Industrial Design in 2013.

Charles Doomany
Charles graduated from CMU in May of 2011 with BFA in Industrial Design. His interests include product design, new material technologies, digital fabrication, and embedded interactivity. He is currently conducting research in the field of "smart" material systems- materials that alter their form and/or physical characteristics in response to environmental stimuli through the use of embedding sensing, actuation, and intelligence.

Keqin Dou

I'm the first year MTID student. My undergraduate background is computer science. I want to make cool things to help people's life or influence people. It's a long road for me to learn and make.

Zhihao Fang

Zhihao Fang is a master student in Computational Design Program. Just finished his B.Arch in Tongji University, China, Fang has experience in digital design and fabrication. He is looking forward to finding a way for artificial intelligence technology being practically implemented in the architecture industry.

Amy Friedman
Amy is a Masters student of Tangible Interaction Design. Her focus is on wearable healthcare technologies, and sports performance technology that pushes the boundaries to help the everyday person and further strengthen the importance of healthy living.

Ian Friedman

Ian Friedman is a first-year master student in the MSCD program.

Yixiao Fu

Yixiao Fu graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BA degree in Art History and a BLA degree in landscape architecture. She is now the first year grad student in MSCD program. Having studied in landscape architecture, art history, scenography and new media art fields, her research focuses on exploring new design solutions and technologies to enhance the interactivity and performances of civic space and creating the innovative spatial experience to promote quality of the public realm.

Priya Ganadas

Madeline Gannon
Madeline finished her PhD in Computational Design from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018. Her research investigates digital-to-analog feedback loops in the context of craft, tectonics, aesthetics, and interaction. Her work demonstrates computational and architectural techniques that navigate the transitory spaces between digital and analog, interactive and passive, intuitive and technical, temporal and spatial.

Mehrdad Ghods
Mehrdad graduated as a Master of Science in Computational Design in 2011. He has a background in civil and architectural engineer. His current research is focused on physical computing, computational design and digital fabrication.

Mark D Gross
Mark works on computational construction kits, tangible interaction, computer-supported critiquing, creativity, and modular robotics for education. He has worked on constraint programming languages and sketch recognition. He teaches tangible interaction design and was the founding director the Computational Design Laboratory at CMU before relocating to the Atlas Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Yingri Guan
Yingri Guan's current work focuses on visualizing complex data in different systems by applying mathematical theories and equations. Her research concentrates on the way in which reality is perceived. By pursuing new ways to analyze and interpret information, she is seeking alternative ways of presenting information and therefore promoting a multitude of understanding.

Deren Guler

Deren is a graduate of the masters of Tangible Interaction Design program and has a background in Physics. She is interested in technology that uses interactive experiences to explore nature in a playful, educational, and creative way.

Yun Hao

Enthusiastic designer with background in Urban Planning and aspiration to combine technology with design.

Michael Hasey
Michael Hasey (M.ARCH, HBAS) is an architectural designer and graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University who works at the intersection of artificial intelligence and architectural design. With over 7 years of professional experience within both the architecture and technology industries, he continually seeks out new ways to blend the humanism of traditional design with the rigors of computer science based techniques. His current research explores new opportunities for deep learning-based methods to rapidly codify and reproduce complex architectural forms in new designs.

Liang He
Liang has graduated from Carnegie Mellon University as a Master of Science in Computational Design. Now he is pursuing his doctoral degree in Computer Science at University of Maryland, College Park. His interests are fabrication and hardware sensing for wearables.

Yen-Chia Hsu
Yen-Chia Hsu graduated from MTID in December 2012. His current interest is to analyze human behavior patterns and to apply human consciousness and intelligence on computer agents.

Yaxin Hu

Yaxin is an enthusiast in Computer Science, Robotics and Art. She has experience in software development and is currently building up her skills in design, embedded systems and machine learning. She is interested in Chinese Art and spends most of her spare time in drawing and painting. She studies Computer Science and Fine Arts as an undergraduate at CUHK and is currently pursuing Master of Computational Design at CMU.

Zack Jacobson-Weaver
I generally like to believe that I can do anything. Some things don't come as easily and in fact are damn difficult. Others I take for granted. I am, nevertheless, inherently skeptical of any perceived limitation of human potential. While the need for specialization is clear, it shouldn't preclude separation. Collaboration makes my work possible. "The only way to get there, is together" -the Oracle

Gabe Johnson
Gabe finished his PhD in Computational Design in August 2012. He is now in Boulder, CO, working to commercialize his thesis system on sketch-based interaction for design. For an example, check out the Sketch It, Make It system elsewhere on this site.

Runchang(Richard) Kang
Runchang Kang is a master student of Master of Science in Computational Design, Carnegie Mellon University. His interest lands on the applicable interdisciplinary field of Smart Environment, Human-computer Interaction, IoT and Ubiquitous Computing. He has both engineering and design backgrounds, one of which helps him to explore the world with imagination and creativity, while the other provides him with logical thinking and hands-on skills.

Yeliz Karadayi
Yeliz Karadayi is a physical interaction designer who comes from a background in architecture and computational design. She is using her skills in design, coding, and modeling for designing and rapid-prototyping physical interactions and devices. Her interests are growing toward responsive technology that learns how to work with people in an optimal way.

Sora Key
Sora received her Ph.D. in Computational Design. With her background in architectural design, her research focuses on visual/spatial analyses of the early spatial design, modeling human visual spatial experience and the resulting qualities, and developing tools that support the design process.

Malika Khurana
Malika has a diverse background in art, engineering, and design that has led her to unique opportunities, including designing data visualizations for NASA and physical-digital interactions for Formlabs 3D printers. Apart from information design, she is interested in digital fabrication and is currently working on a project using CNC machine knitting. Malika enjoys solving problems that don't have template solutions, and reflecting on our relationship to technology and the environment through her work. She is constantly trying to be a good steward for the future world.

Sung Wook 'Sean' Lee

I was a back to school man after having over decade's IT industry experience as an entrepreneur. In the period of codelab, I realized that the opportunity of 'Physical Computing' and the effectiveness of 'Human Centered Design Method'. After graduation, I'm continuing my own entrepreneurship in Boulder, CO.

Yi-Chin Lee

Yi-Chin Lee is a first-year master student in the MSCD program.

Zheng Luo

Zheng Luo is a computational design graduate student and has a Master degree in civil engineering. His interests lands on the application of deep learning and reinforcement learning in the design process, and how can we use machine learning to augment, automate and advance the design.

Hongtao Ma

Hongtao is a student in Master of Science in Computational Design and already has a master degree of Architecture. He has personal works in digital media, interactive installation, AR tools and research experience in VR. His interest lies in immersed interactive design and human behavior computation.

Jiawei Mai
Jiawei Vincent Mai is a thinker, designer, and maker who situates his work in the intersections of computation, systems engineering, and network science. His research interest lies in leveraging the complex value dynamics to drive design and engineering innovations. He is currently pursuing a master of science in computational design.

John Mars
Hello, World!

Jakob Marsico
Jakob's interests lie in social observation within changing environments. His work has used light, sound, photography and computation to create discoverable interactive installations. At the CoDe Lab, he is acquiring a new set of tools to create large-scale, passive interactions that are as meaningful to the distant observer as they are to the active participant.

Yeonjoo Oh

Yeonjoo received her PhD from the Computational Design program. Her research focuses on a systematic understanding on design critiquing and computer-based systems including critiquing systems and intelligent tutoring systems. She has implemented a critiquing system named the Furniture Design Critic program to offer a computational model of design critiquing and to systematically describe critiquing practice .

Huaishu Peng
Huaishu Peng is a maker, programmer, researcher, and interaction designer. His current interests include tangible and ambient programming, ubiquitous computing, wearable computing and cooking.

Tiago Rorke
Tiago is a graduate from Master of Tangible Interaction Design program.

Daniel Russo

Greg Saul

Greg is an industrial design graduate with a strong interest in using technology to enable innovative and new design.

Eric Schweikardt
Eric's research is focused on explaining, representing and improving the design of robotic systems. He uses his background in design and computation, combined with knowledge of robotics and rapid prototyping methods, to explore the space of robot design by building real, physical systems.

Rita Astrid Shewbridge
Rita is a graduate of the mTID program where her research focus was on Embedded and Computational Storytelling. She is currently employed as a Design Engineer at a research and development firm and is now expanding her work to include rehab and medical devices for adults and children.

Meng Shi
Thinking. Creating. Having Fun.

Meng Shi
Meng studied tangible interaction design in the Code Lab. She has a background in interaction design and interested in combine design, technology and business.

Shawn Sims
Shawn received a Bachelor's of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute and a Master's of Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University's Computational Design Lab. He is now Director of NOTlabs at NOTCOT Inc.

Tobias Sonne
Tobias was a visiting scholar from Aarhus University where he was, at the time, enrolled at the ICT Product Development masters program. His current research is focussed on pervasive computing and HCI.

N Miya Sylvester

Miya's interests are in Human-Robot-Human Interaction. Broadly, she researches the emotional expression of situated social robots. With respect to Computational Design, she studies temporal-contextual shape grammars of movement.

J. Eric Townsend
Student Zero for the MTID program, graduated in 2009. Now a designer, engineer, fabricator, and hacker. Working on projects including the lasersaur (open source laser cutter), furniture, music hardware, and raising and breeding honey bees.

Jamaal Tribune

Erik Ulberg

Erik Ulberg is an artist and programmer from Seattle, WA. He has a Bachelor's in CS from Carleton College. He spent two years studying sculpture and painting at Gage Academy of Art and have also studied art and technology at the University of Washington. He has worked as a software engineer at and as a freelance programmer, designer, and artist. He is interested in machine learning, nature, and how humans can develop useful technology in an ethical and sustainable way.

Andrew Viny
An undergraduate student in the school of architecture at Carnegie Mellon, Andrew is interested in design and fabrication. His work explores issues of interaction and digital making both inside and outside of the context of the architectural design studio.

Michael Philetus Weller

Philetus is a graduate from Master of Tangible Interaction Design program.

Karl D.D. Willis
Karl is a PhD graduate from Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University and a lab associate at Disney Research, Pittsburgh. His research focuses on ways in which technology can promote and provoke playful experiences, everyday creativity, and new forms of social interaction. He is currently Principal Research Engineer in the Autodesk Consumer Group.

Kuan-Ju Wu
Kuan-Ju Wu received his MtID in 2011. His work explores the aesthetics that result from constructive processes and tangible interaction between people and kinetic systems, and he is also engaged in research and development to create new ubiquitous interfaces. In addition to teaching at RISD, he serves as lead technologist for the interaction design company Tellart, LLC as a Lead Technologist .

Cheng Xu
Cheng was a masters student in Tangible Interaction Design and also holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University. She enjoys making things that engage users in playful and creative experiences.

Ding Xu

Ding is a hybrid prototyper with engineer skills meeting a design mind. His interest lies in object-based interaction, responsive environment, ubiquitous and wearable computing, especially in home intelligence and augmented daily objects. He is also a life observer who would like to taste different possibilities in life.

Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang is a second year MSCD student and a researcher in Morphing Matter Lab, HCII. He graduated from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan with a B.S. Arch. degree, he is interested in computational toolmaking for designers and how designers perceive, interact, and utilize them. His line of work is interdisciplinary, if not antidisciplinary. Started from architecture, his investigate computational design in various fields, including architectural electronics, mechanical simulations, materials and fabrication, and human-computer interactions. He believes that the paradigm of 21st century design is based on the mutual augmentation of humans and machines.

Zhuoni Yang
Zhuoni is a master student Master's student in Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University. With an academic computer science background and passion to be a designer, she believes that becoming a UX designer or UX engineer offers the best possible combination. Zhuoni's work is based on web development, UX design, and data interaction.

Willa Yang
Willa Yang is a second-year master's student in Computation Design. She is broadly interested in digital fabrication, tangible interaction, and anything to do with making and physicality.

Hironori Yoshida
Hiro was a visiting scholar at CoDe lab and worked at OMA later on. He is a craftsman in the digital era, using robots to fabricate interior and products. He is currently researching at CAAD, ETH in Zurich, focusing on digital crafting and its influence on modern society. His favorite phase is " thinking by hand, learning by doing."

Ray Yun
Ray is a graduate of the PhD student in Computational Design. His research focuses on ambient and affective user interface design.

Yang Zhang
My name is Yang Zhang. Broadly, I'm interested in inventing interaction technologies which can bridge the gaps between computing resources and people's daily lives in a natural and efficient way. I have just graduated with a Master degree in Computational Design and will continue my graduate study as a PhD student at Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII), Carnegie Mellon University.